Should You Take Acoustic Lessons If You Can Already Play Electric?

While most people who learn guitar start out with an acoustic instrument and later graduate to an electric version, many do the opposite. They get their hands on a cheap electric guitar and use that to learn chords, melodies, and so on. This is fine, and in fact, it's better for people with small hands; electric guitars usually have smaller, narrower necks that make it easier for those with small hands to grip the guitar properly.

Four Benefits Of Working With A Professional Marching Band Arrangement Service

Managing the marching band for a school can be a very demanding job for a person to have. Retaining the services of marching band arrangement service can provide you with a few benefits that will be worth the costs of hiring these services for your marching band. Ensure The Composition Is Suitable For The Skill Of The Students In The Marching Band It is a reality that the students in the marching band will have a fairly limited ability when it comes to playing their instruments.