How To Make It As A Professional Disc Jockey

Plenty of people have DJ skills but only use those skills as amateurs. Pursuing a career as a professional DJ is quite a different endeavor since you will then need to find jobs, interact with clients, and deliver what those listening enjoy. There are plenty of successful DJs out there, and there are a few things that they tend to do in order to succeed. If you do the same, you can also expect success!

1. Start with private parties.

It can be tough to book big venues like clubs and bars. Finding private parties, like weddings and birthday parties, is a lot easier. Usually, people putting on private parties are not willing to pay as much, but that's okay -- they give you the chance to get your foot in the door. You never know who will be attending one of these parties. The owner of a prominent venue may be there. If such a person sees you work and likes what they see, you may get called for a much better-paying gig. And even if this does not happen, you will at lease gain experience that you can put on your resume when you apply for those bigger gigs.

2. Be willing to compromise.

Maybe you hate mixing tracks from the 90s, or perhaps there are certain beats you just find unappealing. It's totally okay to have opinions and preferences, but you have to be willing to bend your preferences to meet those of the people who hired you. If the bar owner insists that you include certain tracks, you should do so. This may feel like compromising as an artist, but when you are providing a professional service, you need to be willing to do what the client asks.

3. Spend your days marketing yourself.

Nighttime is when the disc jockeys come out to perform. But that does not mean you should sleep through the day! Spend the daylight hours working on marketing. Make yourself a social media account and a website, and connect with bars, clubs, and other venues who may want to hire you. Successful DJing requires a lot of work when you are off-stage, too.

Follow the advice above, and in time, you should be able to make it as a disc jockey. Keep in mind that Rome was not built in a day, and your career won't be, either. Watch DJ tutorials online to learn more about DJ work and how to market yourself.