7 Things You Should Discuss With Your Violin Teacher When You Begin Lessons

When you first start out with a new violin teacher, there are numerous things you'll want to discuss with your teacher so that you can create an effective learning plan to follow going forward. The following are seven things that you should discuss with your violin teacher when you begin lessons. 

Your current skill level

Your violin teacher will want to evaluate your skill level to get started. Discussing and demonstrating your current abilities will let your violin teacher know what level you're at so that he or she can pick out lesson books, sheet music, and learning resources that are appropriate. 

Your practicing habits

You need to practice productively and efficiently to get better at playing the violin. Your violin teacher can discuss practicing techniques with you that will help you progress more rapidly. 

Your personal goals

It's important that both you and your violin teacher know what your goals are with your violin studies. You need to decide whether you want to play simply as a hobby or go on to study violin more seriously at a conservatory. Your violin teacher can consider what your goals are when creating a lesson plan for you. 

Available opportunities to perform with groups or at concerts

The violin is an instrument that sounds best when played with a group of other musicians. Your violin teacher should be able to connect you with other musicians and opportunities to play in orchestra or group settings. Let your violin teacher know if you're looking for opportunities to perform publicly and/or play with groups of other musicians. 

The types of music you want to learn to play

Your violin teacher needs to know what types of musical compositions you most enjoy learning to play. You should bring any sheet music that you want to learn along to lessons and show it to your violin teacher.

Discussing your favorite music with your violin teacher and learning to play this music helps you to stay engaged in learning the violin and makes your lessons more enjoyable. 

Your schedule

It's important that you and your violin teacher find the appropriate lesson and practice times. That's why you should discuss your schedule with your violin teacher and let your violin teacher know how much time you'll have to put toward violin studies. 

Your past experiences learning violin

If you've taken violin lessons with a teacher in the past, you should discuss your past learning experiences with your violin teacher. Discussing the details of your past lessons will let your violin teacher know where you're coming from and how violin lessons have gone for you in the past.