Tips For Becoming A Songwriter

Do you love music more than the usual person? Have you maybe even dreamed of one day becoming a singer, musician, or songwriter? If it's songwriting in particular that speaks to you, perhaps you are looking for a little advice on how to break into this particular career. Here are a few tips for any aspiring songwriter to keep in mind.

Keep a Journal With You Wherever You Go in Case Creativity Strikes 

Some songs take years to get just right. Other songs are written in an hour or less as if the songwriter was suddenly hit by a bolt of lightning and couldn't stop until they got the whole thing onto paper. There are lots of ways to start coming up with your own songs, but one of the most common pieces of advice expert songwriters give to aspiring ones is to start journaling. Write down a line or two at a time, even if you don't have the whole song or the technical arrangement all worked out just yet. You might even end up writing down a bunch of stuff that won't ever turn into an actual song. But there may come a moment where it suddenly all comes together and the journal will be worth it.

Analyze Your Favorite Songs to See How the Songwriter Broke It Down

Anyone can think poetically about love and life, but do you know how to put those thoughts down in a format that will get played on the radio? How many verses does the typical song in your favorite genre have? That killer line you came up with looks great on paper but will it work better as the chorus or as part of the bridge? Start studying how songs go from words in a journal to lyrics on a music sheet.

Read Up on How Leading Songwriters Find Their Inspiration and Hone Their Craft

As with any profession, one of the best ways to get ahead is to look at other people who are already doing what you want to do and mimic them. Seek out a site or publication where you can read interviews with songwriters or artists about how it all finally came together for them. You'll likely find practical advice, but there might also be an off-the-wall anecdote that suddenly makes something click within your own writing or composition.

If you aspire to be a songwriter, consider applying these tips.