Reasons To Sign Up For Piano Lessons

Since the inception of classical piano music in the 1600s and 1700s, artists have used the piano to express beautiful stories in the language of the angels. Many of the classic songs transcend language and continue to inspire music aficionados today. Modern artists still use piano, such as Freddie Mercury during his famous Live Aid performance. Tap into your musical side by taking piano lessons. If you need more encouragement, check out these four reasons to sign up for piano lessons. 

1. Mental Health and Confidence

You should take piano lessons because you want to do something for yourself. Your piano lessons act as stress relief and take you away from your daily life for 30–60 minutes. Furthermore, you will feel more confident as you improve your skills. You can take this improved confidence into your personal and professional relationships, improving your social skills, too.

2. Math and Science Skills

Reading music and learning about instruments and sound, such as pitch, forces piano players to use math and science on a regular basis. This phenomenon, known as the "Mozart Effect" led researchers to study the impact of piano lessons on math grades. According to one study, students who took piano lessons scored 34% higher on math tests than students who didn't. 

3. Cognitive Processes and Memory

While playing the piano, players need to think quickly. A player may encounter a tricky note, or a player may need to adjust to another player in the performance. Furthermore, piano players have better memory since they memorize songs to play. For these reasons, piano lessons often improve cognitive processes and memory, which is especially important as individuals get older. 

4. Career Development

Work should involve something you love. Learn piano to one day work as a piano player for a church or sports arena. If you work hard, you may even solidify your position in a band or orchestra. Alternatively, you can teach piano lessons as a side gig, spreading your love for the instrument to the next generation.

Ultimately, you should take piano lessons because you love music. Piano can be a useful instrument to learn for people who love classic music as well as those who enjoy rock music. Lessons are available for people of all ages and experience types. Never think you're too old or too experienced to continue your music education.

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