Interested In Microtonal Music? Hire A Piano Tuner

Piano players may find that standing out in a packed musical world is a very tough task and one that requires them to do something very creative to succeed. For example, they may want to explore microtonal music as a composer and player. If they do, they need to find a great piano tuner to help them.

Microtonal Music Expands a Piano Player's Range

Microtonal music is an interesting realm of composition that is getting heavily explored in many circles. Simply put, microtonal music focuses on playing the "notes between the notes" in the standard Western music tradition. That's because there are many tonalities between the defined notes – each varies slightly but audibly. Microtonal composers play with these sounds to create strange and wonderful music.

And piano players looking to expand their playing style may particularly enjoy this concept. That's because pianos are often one of the best composition tools – as players can write in both bass and treble frequencies – and due to their tunability. Many microtonal composers use specially-tuned pianos to create their masterpieces, which is where a piano tuner can become so critical for a budding player.

How a Piano Tuner Can Help

Piano tuners are experts at creating proper tones in a piano and are essential for any serious player. But they can also be used to create microtonal sounds for those interested in this field. For example, they can add new strings to the piano and use their tuning equipment to capture the frequencies that a composer may want. Trying to do this step without professional help is often a very challenging, if not impossible, task for the amateur.

As a result, a promising composer and player can expand their playing range to whole new sounds and frequencies. And since only a handful of truly talented players and composers are exploring this field as much as possible, a player can stand out and become a person of interest in the music world. In this way, they can potentially be remembered for years to come in many different circles.

That's why a good piano tuner is a necessity for anybody interested in this type of music. Those who are may want to have two or three pianos for their studio. One can be used for microtonal music while others can be used for more traditional tunes. After all, they may need to play standard Western tonalities at some point on a piano that is as properly tuned as possible.

To learn more about altering your piano to play microtonal music, contact a piano tuner in your area.