Tips For Lengthening Your Musical Album

There are many instances in which you might want your musical album to be a little longer than it currently is.

Perhaps you need to meet a certain time limit, or your producer or manager has suggested you add one or two songs. These added-on tracks are often referred to as filler or filler tracks.

If you have to include filler to lengthen your album, don't panic. There are many ways to do so without reducing the integrity and quality of your musical album.

Include Another Version of a Song

To begin with, think about the songs that are already on your album. Perhaps you have an extended or alternate version of one of these songs. Maybe you've even made or can make a cool remix. Including a different version of a song you love is a great way way to lengthen your album.

If you've had albums out in the past, you may even want to include an alternate version of one of your older songs. This is a great way to remind people of your past work and to help them to look at a former song in a new light, all while getting your album to your desired length.

Include a Song from Another Artist

When you can't think of any of your own material to add to your album, turn to other artists you like and admire.

See if you can get permission to cover one of their songs. Or, if you're lucky, you might even get the artist to record a version of the song with you, which can then be included on the album. This is a great way to attract new fans since such a track will likely draw the attention of fans of the other artist.

Some musicians even give up and coming musicians they know or like a chance to debut a song on their albums, so this is another option if you need to add length.

Slow Down a Song

One final option can lengthen your album and help you to avoid filler altogether. However, this option generally only works when you don't have to add a ton of time to your album.

The trick is to try slowing down one of your songs. Even just a slight slow-down can often add the length you need while still allowing your song to sound great.

Trying these tips can help you to produce a great album that matches the time or track requirements you have to meet.