Why Promote Your Live Music Loops?

Whether you have just started a band or you've been rocking out for a while but want to increase your fan base, getting your music out there for the world to see is key to your lasting success. You have a few local clients, but you want to reach out to a wider audience.

When you don't play shows all over the country, or even across your state, and you don't have the fan base or the funds to travel to other areas to play, how do you make your music known to the masses? Luckily, you can use the Internet to get your band known. Why promote your live music loops, particularly your unique drum solos?

A loop is an automatic replaying video that is usually just a short clip, designed to draw attention quickly. Learn why you should promote live drum loops and where you should place them so you can create a bigger fan base and help boost music sales and band awareness.

You capture an audience quickly

Your fans will be able to show off your music to their friends if you have smaller, shorter clips of your best riffs and drum solos available. This way, your best music gets caught in a person's ear and helps create awareness without losing potential fan interest. While playing whole songs on loop is also a good idea, shorter clips are more promotional and attention-grabbing in nature.

Place live music loops for download and to watch in real time on your band's website or social media pages. Upload new videos regularly so there is always something new and invigorating for your fans to watch and share with their friends.

You promote new songs easily

Have a new song that has a particularly catchy part? Want to give your fans a sneak peek to a new album? Create loops that are several seconds long of your new songs, even if they haven't hit the radio or your local stage yet, to keep your fans in the know of the new sounds you're promoting.

New songs should be promoted via a live feed with a comments section on the websites of the places you play your music at, your main website, and any social media websites you regularly use. Allowing fans to comment on your new tunes helps your band learn what your fans like best so you know what songs to take with you on tour.