Fun Ways To Keep Your Guests Dancing Throughout Your Event

If you are going to be hosting a large party in the near future, and you have hired a disc jockey, such as JTM Entertainment, to handle the musical entertainment during this event, you are most likely excited about seeing your guests getting out on the dance floor to show their moves. It is important to have a line-up available for the musical selection you will have played as well as any fun activities you will be including in your party so guests remain entertained. Here are some ideas you can use during your own party so people stay on the floor, making the party more fun for all involved.

Make Sure Group Songs Are Included

Many people enjoy dancing where they are able to mimic the moves of another so they are not the focal point for those spectating to watch. This allows guests to blend in with others while still enjoying moving to the music. Ask your disc jockey to include group songs such as the "Cupid Shuffle" or the "Electric Slide" as these are favorites that many people already know the required dance moves to. The disc jockey can also give guests a quick lesson on which moves to make to refresh memories beforehand. In addition to group song favorites, ask your disc jockey to sneak in a few country tunes where line dancing can be done for those who enjoy this music genre.

Give Out Props To Make The Mood Festive

Many disc jockeys will have a variety of props on hand to give to guests for specific song choices. Inflatable guitars and large pairs of sunglasses can be worn to make those dancing feel as if they are rock stars, helping to boost their moods in the process. Ask your disc jockey if they provide props for dancers or if you should purchase some from a party goods store on your own. These will be a welcome addition that both the old and young will enjoy using to dress up during their dance time.

Hand Out Prizes For Different Reasons

Ask your disc jockey to announce that there will be prizes handed out for mystery dancing categories throughout your event. These can be as simple as the "best dance move," the "craziest outfit," or "the best couple's dance." Don't let people know in advance what types of dancing categories you have selected for prizes so people remain on the dance floor in anticipation that they may be selected for a surprise.