Craig Finn was there

Twitter is weird. The internet in general is weird. Time is also weird.

Yes, I will explain. I’m outta practice with this forming of complete sentences lately, so gimme a minute and I’ll get to the point.

Maybe I should start off by saying I’m a huge fan of the Hold Steady. What’s not to like, right? They play ragged rock songs with lyrics about drug addled and disaffected people and hell, they’re from Minneapolis even.

So I started following Craig Finn (their singer) on twitter tonight, and as I was reading some of the older posts on his feed, I come across one where he mentioned having been in the audience when the Descendents recorded “Liveage”, and how stoked he was about that.

Now the weird thing about this for me is that I was also in the audience for that show. It was at First Avenue in MPLS, and we were supporting the Descendents on that tour. Not only had I interrupted some dudes breaking into our van in a parking lot near the club that day, but we’d bumped into an aspiring stand-up comedian outside the venue. He convinced us somehow to let him open our set with a few jokes, which at the time seemed like a great idea.

Unfortunately, not only was he not that funny, not funny at all in fact, but he also didn’t realize that his stuff was not going over so well. We were all on the deck ready to plow into our set, guitars on, sticks in hands, etc, and this dude wouldn’t stop or get off the stage. I still don’t really remember how we escaped this situation, but I suspect that it had something to do with Skippy Smooth or maybe Gooch chasing him off the stage.

So why this is all kinda weird to me is that I never listened to the Hold Steady until like maybe 2006 when I read a review of Boys and Girls in America in Rolling Stone. Hell, Craig Finn wasn’t even IN the Hold Steady in 1987 because they didn’t exist. And yet, Craig Finn was there at that First Avenue show. Hell, I might have even bumped into him on the way to the pool table or something.

I guess this maybe explains why I like the Hold Steady though, doesn’t it?

I suppose if Craig Finn saw that ‘Dents show, there’s a half chance he was there early enough to see our set. Even more, I guess, thanks to the weird comedian dude making us get on late. So yeah, that’s the point of the story I was getting at. How strange and cool it is to find out that the singer of one of your fave bands was in the audience when you opened for one of his…

In fact I think there’s a song in here somewhere.

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